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My Sex Addiction

I plucked up my courage and finally, I tell you everything about my Sex Addiction or Hypersexuality, I want to show you the other side of Nymphomania that is necessary to talk about. To begin with, I must explain to you that Hypersexuality, as "Sex Addiction" is known today, is a "sexual disorder" that in women is popularly known as Nymphomania.

Deleinma Troska -
Deleinma Troska -

Unfortunately, what is known about sex addiction is very little, in fact, an article from BBC World, entitled: Is sex addiction really a disease?

"As a society, we accept that there is an addiction to substances such as nicotine, alcohol, and other drugs." "...But when it comes to sex, experts disagree on whether this addiction is real or a myth..."

As a result, it is almost impossible to know about sex addiction, because of the Taboo surrounding the subject, and few people volunteer for studies in the area of sexology.

The editors of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, a key diagnostic tool in the United Kingdom and the United States, considered including sex addiction in the latest edition of the text, but ultimately did not do so due to lack of evidence.

The article also highlights that you will be more or less perverted, according to the individual criteria of your therapist, be it a psychologist, sexologist, or psychiatrist, who will basically base himself on his own moral and religious beliefs to determine how PERVERTED you are. (A)(E) you are.

Mental and sexual health professionals are supposed to be ethically unrelated to these conflicts, but in the face of a subject so demonized by so many religions and cultures, it is difficult to achieve a universal criterion, however absurd this may sound.

I must point out that according to the Maslow Pyramid, about the needs of the human being to survive, SEX is among the basic physiological needs for survival. As you can see in the following graph.

So, if sex is such a basic need, like breathing, sleeping, or eating, why has it been demonized so much?

As a lawyer I know the origin of the rules, and I know that they were created to control man, in fact, Family Law was born, when it was necessary to order the division of property, and filiation or descent, in ancient Rome, Las Lupercales were celebrated.

The Lupercalia in short were pagan festivals, where the Wolf was honored, who breastfed Romulus and Remus, founders, of Ancient Rome, in those festivals, everyone had sex with each other, regardless of social status, which would become a problem when it comes to distributing assets to the heirs born from those festivals that were celebrated for hundreds of years until the Council of Nicaea where Christianity was born, and these pagan festivals are prohibited.

In these celebrations the primitive and instinctive part of the human being was honored, our animal side, let us remember that despite being the most intelligent of the Kingdom, we are still animals. And we celebrated it big, in those parties, the pleasures of life were celebrated, every February 15, you could drink, drink and fuck, freely.

The Lupercalia was like an ALL-INCLUSIVE PLEASURE. It is worth noting that human beings, as well as our closest relatives, chimpanzees, are POLYAMOROUS.

Monogamy was created by man as a way of social control, although in nature there are examples of monogamous animal species, such is the case of manatees, penguins, or elephants, which have a single partner throughout their life. his life. We are more like dolphins and monkeys, we have sex as a way to socialize, and for pure pleasure, not just to perpetuate the species and ensure offspring.

We were happy, then Constantine arrived and agreed with 300 Apostles and they created the Creed that is still used today. It is worth saying that in that Council the Divinity of Christ was also established, among other things.

It does not matter, which branch of history you prefer to investigate, all the norms that we know come from the same Council, all religions are derived from Christianity, therefore, the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman religion that we know also has the same origin. In those pagan celebrations, in those Lupercalia, the common people mixed with the powerful, and later they had problems with descendants and inheritances and property.

Nor should we leave aside the fact that "sexual aberrations" were practiced, I use quotation marks to be politically correct. Even the Caligula films tell us about this depravity, just as the Marquis de Sade did in his time. In the history of our complex humanity, there is a long history of depravity.

Remember that, in these pagan parties, EVERYTHING WAS WORTH, they were WITHOUT FILTER. In fact, male homosexuality was quite common in ancient Greece, long before Christ. So natural, like group sex (Orgies), and prostitution. The practice of what is now called perversions was also allowed, such as bestiality, incest, pedophilia, masochism, and sadism. Terms that the current "gender ideology" tries to normalize again. History is cyclical after all.

What I want to say with all of the above, is that ALL the norms that we know today, and throughout the length and breadth of human history, have been MADE BY MAN, and by norms I mean the social, moral, ethical, legal, and religious. But it is not the purpose of this entry, to debate the origin of the rules, but the origin of the demonization of sex. Being that it is a necessity, and something inherent to our nature, and for that reason, it is not fair that you feel bad about what your body asks you to satisfy.

The majority of people addicted to sex, of Latino origin, are torn between need, and sin, lust as the capital sin, has been the reason for our moral ordeal, for those of us who are Catholics by training and hypersexual by birth.

Very spiritual people also have conflicts with enjoying their sexuality, and being a physiological need we shouldn't feel bad about it.

It is because of the above, that I was encouraged to write my story, the sinful factor can make you feel like garbage if you do not have the tools that I had, to understand what happens to me both physically and emotionally. And I achieved it thanks to the wide culture that I possess, and because I have given myself the task of investigating human sexuality in depth, of course, thanks to the support of my doctors at the CIAP clinic. And the support of Ricardo my ex-husband, who gladly pays for all my treatment, and is happy with each new step I take.

In fact, I take a medication to control my addiction to sex, it's called Naltrexone, and it's a chemical that sends my opioid receptors the message that I've already received enough pleasure to be able to concentrate and have a normal life, like anyone else, without thinking about sex every 5 minutes.

It is important to clarify that addiction is considered as such only if the desire to satisfy your need interferes with your daily life, so much so that it affects your work performance, your concentration, and your appetite and even alters your sleep cycles.

And that was what happened to me. after a severe nervous breakdown, and recovering from that clinical depression, a product of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Coming out of that and my marital separation, I found myself on an adult site, the option to broadcast, and masturbate live with the public, and that was so extraordinarily pleasurable to me, that the first month as a Webcam Model, I did not want to stop even for eating or sleep, I lost 11 kilos that the first month. I had never experienced so much pleasure, and logically, my brain just wanted more and more of that pleasure.

When I realized that the addiction to masturbating live was consuming all my days and nights, that's when I sought out my psychiatrist and told him; "Houston, we have a problem..." Since then I have been taking this medication, nowadays in smaller amounts, and I can function like a "normal" person.

When I was a child, 2 situations occurred simultaneously that favored my Hypersexuality, in the Preschool where I studied in Toulouse, France. The exploratory games were mandatory, it was the initiation ritual, and you had to let yourself be touched by both boys and girls to be accepted in their group. I was 4 years old but I remember it clearly, it was like a current, from my vulva to my head, I still feel that when I get excited, I remember that explosion in my brain, like a powerful light, like fireworks. When they touched me there, I liked it but it scared me because my heart was pounding and my panties got wet. I felt my hot pussy and I liked it, but it scared me.

To top it all off, my parents were in their twenties in love and horny, living to the full, the best of hippie life in Paris and Toulouse, imagine them in their 70s clothes brimming with health, beauty, and youth. They were very happy, with their studies, their group of university friends, and their 3 young children. We lived in a studio apartment, on the ground floor, with round, red windows, and our mini beds were at the foot of their bed. In the semi-darkness, I saw and heard them fucking.

One night I saw my mother naked in front of the window, the light from a lamppost illuminated her beautiful silhouette, while she, very beautiful, masturbated for my father. The most erotic scene that your eyes can imagine.

I had tachycardia, feeling everything in my little pussy, and with accelerated breathing, everything was fine. Until my father grabbed her from behind her, and she started screaming. When she realized that the man for whom she was giving such an erotic show, was not dad. I guess her terrifying screams, plus the excitement she felt at that moment, gave rise to my fetish for dangerous sex.

I was barely 4 years old, personality is formed at that age, and it's funny, but now that I have many friends with hypersexuality, I know from their mouths, that they also remember seeing or hearing their parents fucking when they were very young.

Hypersexualization is nothing more than exposure to sex at a very early age, it is getting excited before time, at an inappropriate age, in early childhood, that is, you do not have to be sexually abused to be hypersexual, being exposed to images or having sexual practices before biological maturity, is perhaps what triggers the behavior.

In other words, we shouldn't get aroused until puberty and even later during young adulthood. This is when naturally, the hormones begin to claim these practices, and the biological clock asks us to reproduce.

On the other hand, hypersexuality is HEREDITARY. She is inherited from one of the parents, in my case, I think both were, my parents had sex every day of the 28 years of marriage until she got sick and passed away at 44.

In my house, the daughter of a conservative Spaniard and a super Catholic mother, chastity and purity were serious business. I got married at the age of 20, literally a virgin. No proper information about sex. I couldn't enjoy my puberty, on the contrary, hiding my hypersexuality and suppressing my instincts was really difficult.

When I was 8 years old, I used to run away from the classroom to the bathroom, and I even had several urine infections, because I kept "scratching my little thing" without understanding what I was doing.

I was raised watching Disney movies, I had to be a faithful wife, monogamous, mother and professional, a Lady of a single dove, like my mother, but when they asked me, what do you want to be when you grow up? I always lied. Because inside me I said, "I want to be a whore", I don't want to be paid for sex, I want to be able to have healthy sex with everyone I like.

I never wanted to be monogamous, I saw it as torture, and I wondered, "What if I get married, and I like someone else later?", I dreamed of having at least 8 husbands, like Liz Taylor, 8 officers, and many others in silence.

He dreamed of making love to many for pleasure and not for money.

And I know that I am not the only woman who has wanted it, there are women like me who love and live for sex. But Hypersexuality is more frequent in men, and sometimes manifests itself in Addiction to Pornography.

I fantasized about masturbating, at a round table, tied to a cross like San Andrés, surrounded by men masturbating for and for me.

Pero eso NO te hace un enfermo per se.For all of the above, I hope it has become clear to you that if you are a person ADDICTED TO SEX, it is something that you could NOT choose, it was exposure to sex at an early age, plus genetic predisposition that make you want to have more sex, than to the average human. But that does NOT make you sick per se.

When you involve perversions like the ones I mentioned before, zoophilia (sex with animals), coprophilia (sex with the presence of feces), sex with children (pedophilia), Necrophilia (with corpses), Incest (sex with blood relatives), etc. The list of paraphilias is enormous.

Today the paraphilias are divided into Fetishes, By preference of people, Masochism and Sadism. The last 2 directly related to inflicting or receiving pain, and acts of humiliation and degradation. In the Paraphilias and Fetishes Entry, you will find all that there is.

Of course, in the world of hypersexual people like me, there are perverse people, like everywhere else, that is, with these extreme and bizarre tastes, but there are also others who do not have these perversions.

Painfully, the cinema exposed Nymphomania with an extreme narrative, but it well represents the woman who, believing herself sick and seeking to satisfy an irrepressible need, shows us a woman who enjoys pain, and humiliation and even feels deserving of it. The story is violent and disturbing but very realistic.

I would almost dare to affirm that many masochistic people are aroused by pain because they purge their feelings of guilt with pain, as a way of purging their carnal sins.

It is not my case, I hate pain, I have suffered too much in my life and I love pleasure, nothing to humiliate or degrade myself, I do not like to humiliate others either.

Emancipating myself sexually, and giving myself permission at 50 to enjoy everything that was forbidden to me in my youth, is the least I can do out of self-love. Gone are the years of feeling like a disgusting sinner, and unlovable, because of my "nymphomaniac condition."

By the way, they knew that the origin of the word nymphomaniac is not ugly, on the contrary, according to Greek mythology, the Nymphs were Olympians, summoned by the gods, they were minor deities, who loved to dance naked, sing, and give pleasure.

They were very beautiful. Only in this sense do I like to call me Coquette Nymph, as the Satyr of Hercules would say. Here she left the scene in question.

Especially because it actually makes me happy, I love sex, more than anything in life. Likewise, I love eating, I love swimming in warm water, the smell of the sea, and kissing, I am a lover of the pleasures of life, and you are lying if you say that you are not.

The most ironic thing is that I felt so dirty, sick, and bad about myself almost all my life until I decided to take control of the situation and put everything in its place. Today I have a large group of friends like me, spread all over the world, and we share our "dirty" secret.

Most live a double life for fear of being branded sick.

Honestly, TABOO and Double Standards show us that it is still a cultural issue, in France, Canada, England, the US, and Australia they do NOT have moral fares, fucking becomes more normalized every day, and the most hit songs of the moment confirm it.

Bad Bunny habla de sexo en sus canciones
Bad Bunny habla de sexo en sus canciones

However, in Latin America, there is a double standard. It is not that hypersexual people do not exist, it is that they hide in real life, and show their true face on Social Networks. A study showed that people write up to 80% more than they dare in person, face to face.

This is also a generational problem, some people from Generation X, still do not give themselves permission to live their sexuality for fear of upsetting their elderly parents of the Baby Boomers Generation. The people of the Millennial Generation who are between the ages of 40 and 25 are the most screwed segment, especially the young Latin matchmaker, who is required to marry and reproduce in order to give grandchildren.

This is a time when everyone eats quietly, and they know it.

They don't publish it but all the twenty-somethings are fucking with mature women (MILFs, Cougars), and the mature ones with young women, the famous Sugar Daddies, and Sugar Babies.

Today more than ever before, sex is a business. For that reason they put on huge asses and tits, a whole lifestyle, living from virtual sex has made millionaires since the Kardashians, thousands of women from all over the world in Only Fans. And others earn money with erotic streaming shows, there are already hundreds of applications and at least 300 websites that are dedicated to this virtual sex business. Popularized in 2020 by the confinement of the quarantine that we experienced when many realized the need to fuck with others. It was enough that they banned it, for us hypersexual to panic.

Pussycardia gave me when the weeks went by and I couldn't fuck.

The reality is that sex is super easy today, it's not like in the '90s, today people openly ask you to go to bed, without protocol, and they fuck and the next day, if I don't remember it didn't happen as Thalia says.

Today they send you pictures of their penises as if it were a Business Card, and they ask you to send them your NUDES of course.

Millions of women selling sexual content and services abound on all social networks, a phenomenon that occurred as a result of the pandemic, sex was finished digitizing.

Today there are virtual reality games where you can choose to be a sadist or a hairy monster (redundancy), and have brutal and violent wild sex virtually, sex is present in everything.

Women give sex in exchange for money, the so-called "maintained", who are fine whores, who give sex in exchange for something. I call it elegant prostitution. And that is totally normal. Wives are also kept.

Marriage is nothing more than a contract. Technically, that is a favorable settlement between 2 parties. And love has been lost among so many technicalities.

And the Centennials (under 25 years of age) are very clear about it, they do not eat according to the rules of man, nor of the church, and they are flying ass from a very early age, the shit is that the States in addition to perpetuating control, They deny sex education, oh but they don't even censor whores for reggaeton or trap. And that is the only source of information, urban music, and pornography. In other entries I will develop each of the aspects indicated here, there is a lot of cloth to cut when we talk about HUMAN SEXUALITY.

If you want to know about Sexuality, I recommend you join my channel on Telegram Xosenosa:

From my experience, I will be writing about sexuality here in the section on Sexuality. And I will share the filthy details only with my paying subscribers, I will also tell about the thousand and one times that they broke my heart, and the times that I broke hearts, little sin, I swear it was unintentional.

Thanks to my Nubia Therapist, and my beloved Psychiatrist, my Doc. Enrique Madrigal, I can finally enjoy my sexuality without doing myself physical harm afterward as punishment, somatizing my guilt, turning it into nausea and acne on my buttocks.

It is incredible how EMDR Therapies give you fast and lasting results, thanks to them I am today a happier woman every day.

After having had such a traumatic and painful life, reconciling with myself, accepting myself as I am, and loving myself when I see myself in the mirror, with pride, without shame, without reproaches, is the most wonderful feeling that you can experience as a human being, I will be forever grateful for your invaluable help.

Soy la Oveja Rebelde de mi familia.
Soy la Oveja Rebelde de mi familia.

And since I suffered so much with those moral farts, the fear of what they will say, the fear of the spirit of my deceased mother, the fact of calling myself a BITCH, in the most pejorative way possible, that eternal feeling bad, and feeling deserving of EVERYTHING the bad things that happened to me that self-perception hurt me for years.

He flogged me with the whip of guilt and punished me in a thousand possible ways until I even caused death.

Torturous relationships with toxic people, I put up with them because I believed that I was a bad person, for not being able to be faithful and monogamous, really, it meant a very difficult sacrifice for me, and for that reason, I swore that I would never submit myself to the torture of sacrificing again. my sexual happiness for another man. I don't want to be monogamous at least for the next few years.

I've tried 7 different husbands, and only many of you don't know my toads.

If you share this post-1000 times, I'll tell you about all the toads I had to fuck to understand it.

The Swinger environment is my thing, at least, at this exact moment in my life, and I plan to enjoy this stage of my sexual life without tears, reproaches, or somatizing a damn. The right to enjoy my sexuality, I have more than earned it and I suggest that you do it as soon as possible.

I've had enough of fucking Stormy Romantic Love. And as a 50-something single lady, she designed her erotic room to pleasure herself and share with occasional companions. If you haven't seen this series run to see it, it's fabulous.

Come on, at 50 without realizing your sexual fantasies, it's already late, although "IT'S NEVER LATE WHEN HAPPINESS IS GOOD". As the Venezuelan comedian Marko says, Let go!

Si no has experimentado un orgasmo corre a compra un sex toy hoy mismo
Si no has experimentado un orgasmo corre a compra un sex toy hoy mismo
You'd be surprised how many married women with children have NEVER experienced a vaginal orgasm. Thanks in part to all this retrograde sexist culture.

Today that I understand that this chemical disorder is hereditary and that the development of hypersexuality is a HORMONAL phenomenon, we have more testosterone, we are more creative, and we look younger because with more sex, more desire, and more production of Collagen every time we you have sex, it is the best cardiovascular exercise, a single orgasm has the power of the most powerful painkillers. Sex gives us oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin, among other molecules of happiness. The more sex, the happier we feel.

All chemical drugs try to imitate those chemicals that we have inside our wonderful brains. Sex does not fulfill only a merely reproductive biological function, to perpetuate the species, it is also necessary, to generate attachment in the couple so that later mom and dad can give you pampering, a pure love, necessary to be mentally healthy, we all should raise our children with education, love, and truth.

It is fair that sex is spoken of as a physiological need. Without so much harmful religious bullshit.


I apologize to my fervently Catholic friends, but my reality and yours are very different, and out of love and understanding, I know you will understand.

My blood boils when I think about how disgusting I felt, impure, and dirty, and then finding out that that same Church was the cradle of the worst atrocities, was totally disappointing and outrageous.

In conclusion, if there is a God, he is NOT a punisher, and if he loves you, he will love to see you happy. just as I am today, with my Maslow Pyramid filled, from the base to the tip and I feel FULFILLED. And this kind of happiness is what I wish to all who read me, that's why I'm telling you something so personal.

Understand that my disorder was not provoked with malice, it was involuntary and totally circumstantial, due to having experiences close to sex before I was 5 years old in France. Sometimes I think that if I had stayed in France, my hypersexuality would have been something more natural. I narrate all this, aware that many of those who follow me will read it out of curiosity, for gossip, but it is not for my haters or for the curious.

This entry is dedicated to nymphomaniac women who suffer when they "sin a bitch" that is, they have sex, or masturbate and then feel remorse. I hope it helps you.

I continue in EMDR Therapy, treating my traumas, improving with each session, my internal speech is gentler, I learn to treat myself condescendingly, I learn new customs, to speak to myself sweetly, and with respect, and I am loving myself as I am.

I'll keep talking about it, depending on the success of this article, so if you liked it or know someone who needs to read it, please. SHARE IT.


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