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Actualizado: 2 de oct de 2020

My blood boils to hear Donald Trump's IDIOT saying that PTSD doesn't seem serious to him. PIECE OF BEAST! What a beauty of ANIMAL, he is a despicable subject, without an ounce of empathy for other human beings, and an ignorant of shit like his followers.

How can people still support that garbage? He is a populist, in the best of cases, of the ultra-right, a cretin without culture, a false millionaire, who broke his businesses several times, the same thing he is doing with his country, he is a liar, and to top it off he makes fun of the war veterans of their own country, calling them losers and suckers.

Damn, you have to be a good asshole to think that if you don't care about yours, the guy is going to go out to defend and liberate Venezuela, I see each countryman making a fool of himself on social networks, which makes me ashamed.

He is NOT going to invade Venezuela, much less now that oil is worth nothing. And that he has earned the hatred of the entire American military.

The subject lacks the Gift of People, he is rubbish, he cannot even be considered a decent human being, he is an unscrupulous guy, he does not respect anyone, he is a bully who only says stupid things, he just does that.

If people read more about international politics, they would know the nonsense that the very closed man says every time he opens his mouth. That guy doesn't mind creating conflicts and even going to war, as long as he appears on social media, he just wants to have the audience that matters so much to him, and the leads he needs for his business.

27 psychiatrists believe that he is a dangerous, unstable subject, a type with traits of a Narcissistic Psychopath, a danger to his nation and ours. Donald Trump only cares about his own BIG ass, even a blind man sees that.

For the sake of all of us as a planet, I hope that this jerk is not reelected, because he has already cost more than 180 thousand lives to Americans, has left millions without jobs, and his country in ruin.

People have to understand the POWER OF YOUR VOTE. God first, hopefully the gringos (as I like to call them affectionately), do the same and return to the path of DEMOCRACY.

Hopefully they vote for Biden / Harris. I miss the nation they used to be. Luck. #madeleinecasmo #fuckingpolitics #DonaldTrumpMemes


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