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Sorority, the alliance between women that the world needs.

As you may have noticed, I am an active feminist, which you can see in my posts, since it seems to me of the utmost importance that we fight for gender equality.

Human rights seem to have been conceived for men only, since the rates of social inequality and gender violence, instead of decreasing, seem to increase.

That is why I never tire of posting about gender violence, micro machismo and all forms of discrimination against women, because of their gender.

It is clear to me that women are extremely capable, and resilient, however, it is also true that among women we sabotage ourselves.

That is why today I want to talk to you about SORORITY.

Solidarity, twinning, complicity or alliance between women, all this is sisterhood.

A term that inspires the feminist movement and that, they say, is key to creating networks of women who walk together towards equality.

2018 brought with it the incorporation into the RAE of this term, one of the most anticipated words by the women's movement.

Under the definition of "a group that is formed by friendship and reciprocity between women who share the same ideal and work to achieve the same goal", sisterhood already has its place in the academy.

As the philologist and linguist Judit González explains, "we saw that in the media that word was beginning to appear linked to news about feminism."

González justifies the extension of its use because, as he assures, "it fills a lexical void."

The term sisterhood comes from the English word "sisterhood", used in the 70s by Kate Millet, a reference to second wave feminism and author of Sexual Politics.

Years later, the Mexican academic, Marcela Lagarde, used the Spanish version, sisterhood, for the first time from a feminist perspective after seeing it in other languages, «I found this concept and I appropriated it, I saw it in French, 'sororité' and in English, 'sisterhood' ”, he explains.

Lagarde defines it as "an accomplice way of acting among women" and considers it to be "a political proposal" for women to ally, work together and lead movements. As she defends herself, no matter how you say, "what matters is development."

Below you will find some of the best images about Sorority and feminism, which you should share on your wall, if you consider yourself a true feminist.

Here are 9 iconic phrases about gender equality:

  1. Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for facing the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance ”. (Kofi Annan)

  2. "Before God, we are all equally wise to equally foolish." (Albert Einstein)

  3. "There is no barrier, lock or bolt that you can impose on the freedom of my mind." (Virginia Woolf)

  4. "If someone considers themselves limited by their gender, race or origin, they will become even more limited." (Carly Fiorina)

  5. Equality is a vital need of the human soul. The same amount of respect and attention is due to every human being, because respect has no degrees ”. (Simone Weil)

  6. "The woman will truly be the same as the man the day an incompetent woman is appointed to an important position." (Françoise Giraud)

  7. The two sexes are not superior or inferior to each other. They are simply different ”. (Gregorio Marañón)

  8. I am a woman and I write. I am a commoner and I can read. I was born a servant and I am free. I have seen wonderful things in my life. I have done wonderful things in my life ”. (Rosa Montero)

  9. “All men should be feminists. If men care about women's rights, the world will be a better place. We are better when women are empowered: this leads to a better society ”. (John Legend)

Being a man or a woman should never be a differential factor when listing our rights, both written and unwritten.

Our personal worth, our personality and our capacities are those that should place us in a certain place on the social plane, regardless of our sex or our gender. This is one of the pillars of that society to which we aspire, and which we could consider fair.

Last thougths

When you say to your daughter-in-law, and the grandson for when? You are not being supportive, being a woman is not synonymous with a mother, pretending that all women have children, regardless of their socio-economic condition, is a micro machism
Respect the uterus of other women as you would like them to respect yours. This is an example of sisterhood, it is to support your sister who needs to have an abortion legally, free and safe. It is our duty to support those who have a whole life ahead of them, to eradicate these macho behaviors.
If you decided to be a mother, and you fathered a boy, it is your duty to educate him as a feminist, a man who respects the opinion of his partner, who helps with household chores, a gentleman who understands that consent is essential, who understands that it is not He can abuse his strength or position to mistreat, subdue and control women because of their gender. Machismo is learned at home. Start by eradicating it in yours.

The more feminist this world is, the more equitable and just it will be. If you agree with me, share this post.


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