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Are you a victim of remarketing?

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Do you buy what you need, or do you fall into the trap of remarketing?

If you are in the world of digital marketing, as you well know, intrusive advertising is going downhill, in previous posts I have commented on the importance of respecting the stadiums of our potential clients.

When we need something, we usually run to search for it on Google, while immediately, and "coincidentally" you begin to receive offers related to your search on Google, this is how the algorithms work, your searches and even your conversations will make these bots activate and start showering you with offers of what you need to buy. It's not magic, it's disgusting digital marketing.

Obnoxious if you think about your right to privacy, magnificent, if you are the advertiser. Has it happened to you that you clicked on an ad and now it DOESN'T stop coming out? I've felt overwhelmed and fed up with certain commercials, especially on YouTube where I consume more content. Advertising from Mindvalley or Domestika, for example.

Despite having consumed Domestika products (online courses), the offers increased instead of stopping, now they even offer me embroidery courses, and although they sound very entertaining, I don't have time to embroider, knit or learn DIY.

This does not happen by chance, it is all the fault of remarketing, once you click on an ad, they leave you as a potential buyer, and they will bombard you with intrusive advertising until you buy from them, and if they have more products and services to offer they will follow you sending advertising. To the point that people are convinced that they are taking that Domestika course that they don't have time to do.

Perhaps because I am a Publicist, it is more difficult for them to sell me any product, since I am aware that the value of the product is determined by branding, I know that if I buy a branded bag, I am paying for the label, not for the production value of the product. bag.

However, no one is safe from sensory manipulation, from the brilliant copywriting used by the advertiser, and more than once I have been involved in a good story. In love with a package, or a campaign, and I sin, and I buy it.

Especially if the story moves me some pleasant emotion. It is likely that I will fall into the trap of neuro marketing and buy the product in question, just because I have become attached to the brand. And let's be clear, owning a luxury item is a matter of status. I would love to have a Hermes Birkin, but considering that it costs the equivalent value of a house in Costa Rica, I prefer to wear an imitation. It is smarter.

Branding is worth a cucumber to me. It would seem stupid to spend so much money on a bag, especially knowing that in 30 years with the climate crisis, they won't be worth a damn. In 30 years, water will be a true luxury, not a handbag.

And if we get very prepers, I would rather use that money in a Bunker and fill it with discount coupons like the women on that Discovery Home and Health show. Couponmania. If they see that program they will have a more realistic idea of the value of the savings.

One way to save is to buy the generic version of your favorite product, they always have versions of the same product that with another package can cost you up to half. Remember that you are buying a brand, branding, a label, a name, a status, but it is the same product only with a yellow cap.

When we stop consuming things that we do NOT need, we are helping the planet, and your pocket. My mother taught me to stretch money like gum, and she taught me the true value of things.

That's why it's hard for them to sell me something I don't need. Content marketing is less intrusive, in fact it is called Attraction Marketing, with content they sweeten us, and attract us, like the boy who wants to conquer you. Same. We mak you buy but you can take your time.

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